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On 3 Designs’ Sales and Shows

On 3  Designs Online Only Sale

No reason to leave your family on Thanksgiving Day…stay up all night…wake up super early…clip coupons or fight crowds.  Visit the On 3 Designs Etsy shop online for savings on specially selected clutches, including the “deal of the day”.  Daily deals will be posted by 9 am EST each day starting Friday, November 23 through Monday November 26.

Upcoming Holiday Shows

Visit the Main Line Art Center for the Holiday Fine Craft Sale (Haverford, PA) November 30 – December 9.  This event features all handcrafted items from artists and designers in the region.  Everything from jewelry to ceramics to wood and fiber art, you will find something for everyone on your list (including yourself)!  On 3 Designs’ limited edition clutch handbags will be there for this 10 day shopping event!

Stop by South Philly on Saturday, December 8 for the Crafty Balboa Holiday show…a knock down, drag out craft event…not kidding, that’s what they say!  I’ll be at the SS Neumann Goretti High School from 11 am -6 pm.


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Do You Know? Raina Clarke

It’s “Do you know?” Tuesday and today’s interview is with my hair dresser, Raina Clarke.  Raina has been responsible for my hair adventures for the last 8 years.  We have tried many cuts, up-dos, colors (red, blond, blue!) and even a 1950’s style for pin-up photo session that I did as a gift for my husband.

She currently works at Ambiance Salon in Springfield, PA.  You can also find her and her work at Celeste Giuliano Photography and in the pages of Retro Lovely Magazine.

My Style Workshop:When did you start making everyone’s hair so pretty?

Raina Clarke: I stared making everyone’s hair pretty at the young age of 5/6 when I cut my twin sister’s hair and shoved it under my bed! Then I decided at the young age of 14 to enroll to cosmetology in high school at a vo-tech! I worked in salons since I was 16 as a manicurist and shampoo/assistant until I was 21 and I haven’t left behind the chair since 1999 ( do the math on my age! LOL)

Raina and Rebecca…super cute twins!

MSW: What is your favorite part of your job?

RC: The favorite part of my job is getting to do what I love everyday while I make people happy & pretty! I enjoy growing and expanding with my clientele, it’s like I have a big family ! (Big smile!)

Raina in action….

MSW:What’s a common issue with your clients’ hair and how do you fix it?

RC: A common issue with my client are stubborn old grays! I discipline salt & pepper with the help of Framesi color to customize a unique palette for each one of my clients.

(MSW: I should have a photo of me for this one!!  Um, no.)

MSW: What hair trend are you loving right now?

RC: The ombré trend is one of my favorite trends this season, from a natural sun kissed halo to a rainbow locks flowing across your shoulder !

Sign me up for the purple ombre on the right!

MSW: What hair trend is so over?

RC: I would say the mullet trend is SO OVER!

MSW: Since this is a fashion blog…what designers or trends are you wearing?

RC: I really don’t have a certain designer that I am partial to, I like to mix and match my wardrobe with unique vintage finds to new trends that fit my mood of the day! I do love a good pair of riding boots since I am always on the go.

Raina with her retro look shot by photographer, Celeste Giuliano.

MSW: What do you do with your hair on a “bad hair day”?

RC: I never have a bad hair day! (laughing) but when I am running out the door I whip a messy knot bun and a braided head band or bandana .

MSW: You do beautiful retro hairstyles.  How did you get interested in doing pin-up style hair for photo shoots?

RC: I always had a sparkle in my eye when I saw my grandparents black & white photos, their hair always intrigued me.  I saw a Gwen Stefani performance on an MTV summer beach party show and feel in love! I thought I can do that! So I started practicing on my own hair and the rest was history.

Photography: Celeste Giuliano, Hair: Raina Clark, Make-up: Kirsten Sylvester

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Do You Know? Salem Style

It’s “Do You Know” Tuesday and today I am featuring Lianna from Salem Style.  Lianna and I partnered up through Etsy to help each other prepare our shops for the holiday season.  For those of you just starting out on Etsy, I highly recommend a buddy to bounce new ideas, review your listings and just get some feedback on your site.  Having someone to talk about to our Etsy businesses has been extremely helpful!

Anyway, get to know Salem Style and definitely go check out her very fashionable and fun to wear, crocheted items.

My Style Workshop: Why did you start crocheting your own line, Salem Style? And how long have you been in business? 

Salem Style: Salem Style was created during the holiday season. It all started because I wanted to make a hat for my boyfriend for Christmas. I had been crocheting scarves and other basic things for years and wanted to learn how to make other things. I wore one of my own hats that I made as a trial and everyone asked where I could get one and how much they were. That was when I was like, “hey, I could sell these!” Salem Style has been in Business since December 28th 2011, almost hitting one year!

Don’t you want one too?

MSW: What’s the best part of owning your own business? 

SS: I turned something I love into something more than I have ever thought it would be. It’s such an accomplishment to have made a brand from a ball of yarn. The best part is being able to share your work with everyone. I was laid off from my day job a few months after I started the brand. I was telling people I was unemployed when a friend said, “You’re not unemployed, you own your own business”. Her pointing that out made me feel amazing.

MSW: What items were you excited to add to your Etsy shop recently? 

SS: It’s a tie between boot cuffs and chunky infinity scarves. They’re both just really fun accessories that you just want to cozy up in.

Very cool…and very on trend! Why would you try to stuff your jeans into a sock and then in to a boot?

MSW: Where else can we find Salem Style? 

SS: Salem Style is sold in two stores as well as online. two girls shop in Salem MA as well as Plum Consignment in Beverly MA. Both of these shops have a young, urban, eclectic vibe that I am in love with.

MSW: What makes your items so appealing to Salem Style customers? 

SS: I think it’s because they are handmade and trendy, yet affordable. So many people think of crochet as “grandma’s hobby” but Salem Style is fun and young. It helps that I am a real person, not a big box brand. I stand behind my work and I want my customers to feel that whatever item they purchase is special, because it is. I take my time making everything to make sure it’s great quality. I also like to stay with the current trends in fashion.

Cozy up in an infinity scarf!

MSW: Are there other designers in needlecraft that you admire? 

SS: I like Vickie Howell. Her designs are really fun. I have often made myself items from her designs to teach myself new techniques. I was actually struggling with one design and I made a comment, she actually responded herself to help me, which I thought was great.

MSW: Is there any one item that you love to make the most? Why? 

SS: Slouchy hats! There are a ton of fun to make and I love just playing around with the shapes and sizes of them. Maybe it’s just because I love wearing them too 🙂

I agree…sloouchy hats are fun!

MSW: For our other crafters out there trying to get their name out there…how and where do you advertise?

SS: I do most of my own advertising. I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Wanelo, you name it. These ways of advertising require a lot of knowledge though. I often read social media and technology blogs to keep up with the industry. My sister used to do social media for a retail company, so her advice and tips have been incredibly helpful. She had me on Pinterest before it became a household name. I haven’t taken any yet, but it’s something I am going to do after the holidays. Social media and self advertising is a whole element on its own that takes lots of time.

MSW: What tips to you have for other crafters that want to start a business?

SS: Never stop learning and don’t worry if it’s not right at first. It’s also about way more than the item that you craft as well. Your item may be beautiful, but you have to be seen! When I opened my shop, I had terrible pictures and I was like, “Why isn’t anyone looking?” Well these photos were incredibly dark, I had no descriptions, and I wasn’t putting myself out there. I read the Etsy handbooks, but even then that wasn’t enough. I googled photography tips and I sat down with my camera for several hours until I knew what every button on my camera did. I downloaded 3 photo editing apps. And then there is everything I just mentioned about advertising. Understanding the whole picture is important, but it takes a while to get there.

MSW: Ok…it is a style blog so…What fashion trends are you loving this Fall?

SS: Oxblood! I have forever been in love with the color and I like seeing it everywhere. Another trend I am glad to see back are bomber jackets. I have one that I bought a few years ago from Bluefly.com that I am obsessed with. It gives any outfit just a little edge. Pair it with jeans and ankle booties and good to go!

Get in on the big color trend this season…oxblood!

MSW: What’s next for Salem Style? 

SS: Children’s hats. There are so many requests for child versions of hats that I already make. I want to make more varieties of everything that I already make. I want to focus more on marketing as well and really put Salem Style out there. I want to focus on my customers and what their wants are. Salem Style will have more faces behind the brand and modeling the hats and scarves.

For more Salem Style:



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Do You Know? Elizabeth Terenchin

I am thinking about a new series called “Do You Know?” to highlight and share the work of some friends that I think are top-notch in the fields of style, fashion and of course sewing…and anything else that is cool!    I am going to try out some different formats like interviewing as well as just documenting their tips and tricks.

Just a few weeks ago, I co-taught a makeup and style class for Main Line School Night.  Makeup artist Elizabeth Terenchin  looked through the makeup bags of the students and analyzed the colors of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow.  Most of us had  items that were just all wrong (because we trust those pretty ladies behind the counter!)

Here is her recommendation on the brushes that everyone should have in their beauty kit.  How many of them do you have??

Per Elizabeth:

1. Foundation Brush for liquids should be flexible and sable is a good choice.

2. Blush Brush for highlighting cheek color.

3. Small Angled Brush for filling brows and for eyeliner.

4. Concealer Brush for covering blemishes or around eyes.

5. Various Eyeshadow Brushes…skip the small foamy ones that come with the shadow.

6. Lip Brush, especially helpful for filling in the lip with red lipstick.

For more tips…to inquire about custom foundation…or to schedule a consultation, check out Elizabeth’s website.

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And So They Sewed….

Very busy 3 weeks of teaching sewing classes for the Main Line School Night…check out my students’ work (some have never sewed before), then take a class in the Spring.

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Oxblood Options for Everyone!

Oxblood Options for Everyone

Long sweater
$115 – cyrillus.fr

Dorothy Perkins gold tee

IRO long sleeve shirt
$170 – stanwells.com


Dorothy perkin

Studded boots
$415 – question-air.com

Nine west shoes

Nine west shoes

Tote handbag

Yves saint laurent


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Design Philadelphia….check!

Last weekend, I participated in the 8th Annual Design Philadelphia Festival.

The city of Philadelphia, recognized as a source of design exploration and innovation,  hosted a 5 day Design Philadelphia festival to showcase members of its ever growing creative community.  Over 120 events (way more than you ever could attend) took place from October 10-14.

I hosted a workshop at Spool on South Street.  Participants made chic but simple no sew handbags using one of On 3 Designs’ original screen printed fabrics.

Thanks to everyone that attended!  And extra thanks to my “entourage” (aka my husband, daughter and sister) for helping during the event!

Picking a fabric to make a bag…the hardest part!

A mix of screen printed and commercial fabric. All so pretty!

Rebecca looks so awesome with her new bag!

One of several workshops that I taught…

My business name in the window…a must have shot! 🙂


Taking a break!

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Trunk Show and Sale at Crescent Moon Clothing

The season of trunk and craft shows has begun for my line of clutches, On 3 Designs.

My friend Gretchen is the designer and owner of the Moorestown, NJ shop named Crescent Moon Clothing which not only features her clothing line but offers other artists and designers a chance to sell their items in her beautiful warehouse space.

I spent some time there today setting up my “shop” while browsing the other items in the store and walking through the lovely, downtown area.  (Tough life, right??)

My little corner…

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Do you know Kaffe?

If you are remotely into the quilting, fabric, knitting, needlecraft, or color in general, you should know him well by first name!

Meet Kaffe Fassett.

Last Monday evening I had the chance (for the second time) to sit in on one of Kaffe’s book tour lectures.  The chapel at Fleisher’s Art Memorial was packed with fans and followers all sitting in the audience draped in their hand knitted sweaters…or carrying needlepointed bags…or with their quilts on their laps waiting to see the man behind their inspiration.  The lady sitting next to me said she drove 500 miles just for this event.  I got there an hour early to get as close to the front as possible.  (You can see by my pictures that 60 minutes got me just the second row, in a room too dark to get a good shot!)

His new book, Dreaming in Color, is an autobiography of his 74 years of exploring the fiber arts world…oh, and traveling the world.  He sure does a lot of that.  Many pictures of his travels were part of his lecture.  It was so cool to see a stack of burlap sacks or a random pile of tires turn into his amazing fabrics, quilts, needlepoint and knits, etc.  I would love to spend the day looking at the world through his eyes!

Even though I don’t quilt, I have collected some of his books for the color and pattern references.  I even have a signed copy from when he was in Philly a few years ago.  (True fan here!)

If you have the chance to see him on tour, GO!  He is a motivating speaker, tells a great story and will inspire you immensely!


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